The MDV-Semesterticket allows students from various universities and colleges in Halle, Leipzig and Merseburg the use of public transit for the entire semester. Student cards marked “MDV” are considered valid ride tickets.

College location WS 19/20 / SoS 21 WS 20/21 / SoS 21
Halle / Merseburg 134,90 Euro 143,40 Euro
Leipzig 135,00 Euro 145,00 Euro


The public transport fee is already included in the semester fee.

Fare Information

  • valid 24/7 for an entire semester throughout the MDV network
  • NOT valid in MDV Nord
  • changing vehicles permitted within scope of ticket validity
  • not transferable to other people (carry proof of eligibility with you*)

* In place of a ticket, you can use an up-to-date student ID with the MDV imprint, the MDV logo or the (((e ticket symbol in combination with official photo ID.

The Transit Network Area

The train lines in the districts of Anhalt-Bitterfeld and Wittenberg and in the city of Dessau-Roßlau were integrated into the MDV transit network on December 15, 2019.

However, the area of validity of the MDV-Semesterticket will not (for the time being) be extended to MDV Nord (and the fare zone Könnern), but will remain as before: Students will continue to enjoy unlimited rides in the cities of Halle and Leipzig as well as in the districts of Leipzig, Northern Saxony, the Saale district, the Burgenland district and the district of Altenburger Land.


When is a connecting ticket required?

An “Anschlussticket” must be purchased to use trains and S-Bahn trains in MDV Nord (and in the fare zone Könnern).

Tickets for connecting routes must always be purchased and validated before departure. On trains with on-board sales, the purchase of the ticket for continued travel must take place within the area of validity of the MDV-Semesterticket.

For example:

Say, a student of the Martin-Luther-University Halle wants to travel to Wittenberg main station with his MDV-Semesterticket. Is that possible?

Yes, that is possible. The student uses his/her MDV-Semesterticket to ride to Landsberg (the last stop in the old MDV transit area) and buys an “Anschlussticket” to travel from Landsberg to Wittenberg main station. The “Anschlussticket” must be bought and validated before start of journey.