MDV-Hopperticket single trip

Our MDV Hopperticket single trip is only available with MOOVME, the free smartphone app for bus, tram, and train. The ticket is especially well suited for trips within the MDV area. Available for up to six fare zones:

Fare zonePrice in Euro
4 zones6,30
5 zones6,30
6 zones6,30

Fare Information

  • valid for one person and one ride in the MDV-Network
  • valid only Mon to Fri from 9 am until 4 am the following day as well as all day on Sat, Sun and on public holidays 0 am until 4 am of the following day (use excluded from 4 am to 9 am Mon to Fri)
  • changing vehicles allowed within scope of ticket validity
  • is valid immediately and must be visibly downloaded to your mobile device before you enter the vehicle
  • is automatically validated with the purchase
  • is not transferable after starting the journey