Welcome to Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund!

Please read the following important instructions before you travel in the region covered by the public transport association Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund (train, urban railway, tram, bus – Produktignets Zug S-Bahn Tram und Bus ) : Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund is an association of several transport companies operating in the cities of Leipzig and Halle and in the districts of Saalekreis, Nordsachsen, Leipziger Land, Altenburger Land and Burgenlandkreis.

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Basic information

You must have a valid ticket if you wish to use public transport. You can purchase a ticket at one of the ticket machines at the stops. You can also buy tickets in the service centres run by the transport companies or in some of the vehicles.

You will have to buy your ticket from the bus driver outside of the cities of Halle and Leipzig. Please contact the driver and service staff in the vehicle immediately if you have been unable to purchase a valid ticket.

Our inspectors in the various means of transport will check the validity of your ticket. Your personal details will be taken down from your ID card and you will be required to pay a fine of €60 if you are caught without a valid ticket. You will need an official document to confirm your identity.


All tickets are valid for Signets_einfach_neu-01. You only need one ticket for these means of transport, no matter how often you change between them. The tickets themselves are valid for different times, and cost different amounts. Please make sure you have obtained information on the validity of your ticket before commencing your journey. You need to stamp your tickets.

Please stamp your ticket on the platform if you are taking the train. Stamp your ticket directly when entering the vehicle if you are taking the tram or the bus. The machine to stamp your ticket is usually located close to the doors.

If you purchase your ticket in the vehicle, it will already be stamped. Children aged under 6 travel free of charge. You will need a valid ticket for all persons aged over 6.

We recommend:

  • Single tickets (valid for 1 person) or
  • Tickets for 4 journeys (4 singles tickets, each for 1 person).
  • Day tickets – it is worth buying a day ticket if you will travel more than twice on one day. Please purchase a day ticket if your journey will last over 4 hours. You can buy these tickets for 1 person, and for up to 5 persons. It is valid for 24 hours after it is stamped.

Smaller towns have their own fares for transport inside the town.

Ticket prices

The area in which the public transport association operates is divided into numbered fare zones. You must consider these zones to determine which fare you must purchase. You will find an overview of the fare zones in the information material “Local Transport Fares” and “Local Transport Planner”, and the information is also accessible under www.mdv.de. The fare is calculated as follows:


Select the route you wish to travel.

Select start and destination.



Pay for the fare zones you will travel across.

The fare category is calculated based on the number of zones you cross. The start and destination zone also count.



The fare overview lists the price category and the ticket you require.

Any ticket above Price Category 7 is automatically valid for the entire public transport network.



Signets_einfach_neu-01  only stop at the designated stations and stops. It is not possible to wave down a vehicle, or to get off between stations and stops.

Information and assistance

  • MDV information telephone: 0341 91 35 35 91 (German and English) (Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am to 9:00 pm; Sat./Sun. 8:00 am to 8:00 pm)
  • post@mdv.de – Please send any written enquiries to this email address



MOOVME is the free app for local public transport in central Germany. MOOVME provides online information on schedules and connections at any time. You can also make cashless payments for the tickets you need, and load the ticket on to your smartphone. You will need a valid contract with a German mobile telephone provider in order to purchase a ticket using the app.

MOOVME can be used in English. To do this, change the language settings to English.

The free app is available in the Apple App Store and from Google Play.

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