Weekly pass

Travel flexibly and inexpensively by tram, bus or regional train with our weekly pass (Wochenkarte). On top of that, this ticket is transferable to family or friends.

Fare zonePrice in Euro
1 zone Dessau-Rosslau city19,70
1 zone Halle city23,50
1 zone Halle city + 1 zone32,10
1 zone Leipzig city27,30
1 zone Leipzig city + 1 zone32,10
Urban transport in the counties19,70
2 zones32,10
3 zones46,10
4 zones58,60
5 zones71,50
6 zones83,10
entire MDV area97,20
Urban transport in the counties
Altenburg, Borna, Schmölln13,50
Bad Düben, Delitzsch, Eilenburg13,70
Merseburg, Mücheln, Oschatz, Querfurt, Torgau17,10
Naumburg, Weißenfels, Zeitz15,80

Fare Information

  • valid for one person
  • valid for 7 consecutive calendar days (according to the date printed on the ticket) and until 4 am of the 8th calendar day
  • changing vehicles permitted within scope of ticket validity
  • no validation needed (validity period is printed upon purchase)
  • is transferable to other people