The SchülerZeitKarte is a season pass for the daily ride to school within the MDV network region that covers Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Thuringia.

Fare zones Price in Euro/Month
1 zone Halle city 53,40
1 zone Leipzig city 59,30
1 zone in the districts 45,30
2 zones 73,70
3 zones 106,00
4 zones 134,60
5 zones 164,10
6 zones 191,40
7 and more zones 222,60
City transit in the districts
Bad Düben, Delitzsch, Eilenburg 32,20
Merseburg, Mücheln, Querfurt, Oschatz, Torgau 39,60
Naumburg, Weißenfels, Zeitz 37,30
Borna 30,50
Altenburg, Schmölln 30,00
Colditz, Wurzen, Grimma, Brandis, Bad Lausick 29,50


Fare Information

  • validity depends on the number of selected and/or travelled fare zones
  • for one academic year (from the first to the last day of school)
  • not valid in the summer holidays
  • not transferable to other people (carry proof of eligibility with you*)

* in paper ticket form: the MDV customer card or a valid pupil ID as proof of eligibility is not necessary

* in chip card form (UmweltCard JUNIOR): the MDV customer card or a valid pupil ID will be accepted as proof of eligibility