AzubiTicket Sachsen

Bus and train rides are cheaper for apprentices with the AzubiTicket Sachsen.

The ticket is offered for one or more transit networks. Thanks to the financial support of the Free State of Saxony, it is available as a subscription from 48 euros per month. More transit networks can be added for only 5 Euro each, so 68 Euro buys you mobility all over Saxony as well as the MDV transit area!

monthly payment:

Validity Price in Euro
MDV 48,00
MDV + 1 adjacent transit network 53,00
MDV + 2 adjacent transit networks 58,00
MDV + 3 adjacent transit networks 63,00
all 5 transit networks in Saxony 68,00



Fare Information

  • valid for one person
  • valid in the selected transit network
  • available for the transit networks MDV, VMS, VVO, VVV and ZVON (depending on location of the vocational school)
  • validity period: 12 consecutive months
  • is not transferable to other people (carry proof of eligibility with you*)

*Acceptable as proof of eligibility are the following: a valid MDV custumer card, the pupil/student ID or equivalent proof from an educational institution.