ABO Senior and ABO Senior Partner

Use our ABO subscriptions for seniors, whether for daily errands or your diverse recreational activities. With our ABO Senior and ABO Senior Partner subscriptions, you are mobile around the clock and in the entire MDV area.

ABO SeniorPreis in Euro/Monat
Stadt Halle (Saale)66,90
Stadt Leipzig64,50
in den Landkreisen59,50
ABO Senior Partner
Stadt Halle (Saale)43,20
Stadt Leipzig40,90
in den Landkreisen36,30

Fare Information

  • valid for people over the age of 65 (carry photo ID)
  • network-wide validity – MDV Nord is inclusive
  • unlimited changes of transport
  • validity period: 12 consecutive months
  • is not transferable to other people

Children, animals and carry-on items

  • up to three children (6 to 14 years) may accompany you all day long free of charge
  • one dog may accompany you free of charge
  • from 5 pm on, allows use of First Class on regional trains (people only, no dogs)