ABO Light

Our ABO Light – the lightweight among the subscriptions and the right choice for first-time users and those that just use a subscription for themselves and resorted to using weekly or monthly passes in the past.

monthly payment:

Fare zonePrice in Euro
1 zone Dessau-Rosslau city45,90
1 zone Halle city52,70
1 zone Halle city + 1 zone72,90
1 zone Leipzig city53,90
1 zone Leipzig city + 1 zone72,90
Urban transport in the counties45,90
2 zones72,90
3 zones105,30
4 zones136,40
5 zones166,50
6 zones193,50
entire MDV area226,40
Urban transport in the counties
Altenburg, Borna, Schmölln31,00
Bad Düben, Delitzsch, Eilenburg31,90
Bad Lausick, Brandis, Colditz, Grimma24,70
Merseburg, Mücheln, Oschatz, Querfurt, Torgau39,90
Naumburg, Weißenfels, Zeitz36,90

Fare Information

  • valid for one person
  • valid in the selected fare zones
  • changing vehicles permitted within scope of ticket validity
  • validity period: 12 consecutive months
  • is not transferable to other people (photo ID required)