24-hours ticket child

For our little ones: children at the age of 6–14 years can travel 24 hours a day by tram, bus, or regional train, and change at any time – with the 24-hours ticket child.

Fare Information

  • choose any departure time
  • for children at the age of 6–14 years
  • valid 24 hours from validation or as printed on ticket
  • good for as many journeys and transfers as you like within the selected scope of validity
  • must be validated before travelling
  • is not transferable after starting the journey
Fare zonePrice in Euro
1 zone Dessau-Rosslau city3,10
1 zone Halle city3,40
1 zone Halle city + 1 zone5,80
1 zone Leipzig city + 1 zone5,80
1 Zone Stadt Naumburg + Bad Kösen3,10
Urban transport in the counties3,10
2 zones5,80
3 zones7,80
4 zones10,50
5 zones12,50
6 zones12,60
entire MDV area12,60
Urban transport in the counties
Altenburg, Borna, Schmölln2,70
Bad Düben, Delitzsch, Eilenburg, Oschatz, Torgau2,50
Bad Lausick, Brandis, Colditz, Grimma, Wurzen2,00
Merseburg, Mücheln, Naumburg, Querfurt, Weißenfels, Zeitz2,40

Children, animals and carry-on items

Children who are not yet enrolled in school travel free of charge up to their 8th birthday.

MOOVME – Bus, Bahn, Zug und mehr

The 24-hours ticket child is also available via the free timetable information and ticket app MOOVME.

It pays to compare! Our 24-hours-tickets often provide cheaper prices than multiple individual trips.

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