S-Bahn and PlusBus Network

At the heart of the MDV’s transport network are the S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland city trains and the PlusBusNetz bus network. A total of 10 S-Bahn lines and 35 PlusBus lines, with short timetable intervals and close links between them, ensure optimal services and connections. This is the fastest way to get to all the interconnected destinations. The network is supplemented by regional train and bus lines. You can also use local municipal transit systems.

The PlusBus Network

Not everyone has an S-Bahn or train station just around the corner. With our 35 PlusBus lines, we make it feel like you do. PlusBus offers youoptimal connection to the S-Bahn network and other train networks. Arrival times at the connection points between bus and train are coordinated to make waiting times as short as possible.

Three more good reasons to use PlusBus

  • Monday to Friday continuous hourly schedule *
  • same timetable every weekday, even during school holidays *
  • regular weekend and holiday schedule (usually every two hours) *

The buses can be identified by the special symbol with a plus sign added. No special ticket required. The normal MDV fare rates apply.

Information about PlusBus you will also find on www.plusbus-deutschland.de (german only).

The TaktBus

The TaktBus is the little brother of the PlusBus and a lifeline for people in rural areas. It runs every two hours and connects smaller towns to the nearest larger centre, to enable access to doctors, authorities, shopping markets etc. In addition, it offers good connections to continuing lines, often also to trains. The TaktBus follows a regular schedule, also during school holidays.

The S-Bahn Network

The hub of the S-Bahn network is the Leipzig City Tunnel. From here, the S-Bahn services Leipzig, the surrounding area, and the city of Halle. A total of 10 network lines are available. As a rule, all S-Bahn lines run every 30 minutes. Schedules may differ in the outer reaches of the network.

S-Bahn availability outside the MDV network

Some S-Bahn lines connect to regions outside the MDV network. For trips beyond the borders of the network, network tickets cannot be used. Deutsche Bahn AG tickets are required.